Befriending Call Voucher




This year RBF have launched a new ‘Check in and Chat’ service, offering retired railway employees a weekly chat with a volunteer to alleviate potential loneliness and aid wellbeing. Our research with railway pensioners has highlighted that retirement can often be isolating, especially with many community and railway groups closing following the pandemic.

Frank’s Story

Frank had spent his whole career in rail, joining as a guard aged 16. Rail was a huge part of Frank’s life, and he always considered the industry more like a family than a place of work. Since retiring 10 years ago, Frank has struggled with feelings of isolation. During retirement, he has lost touch with many old colleagues, and struggled to make new connections, worsened further by the pandemic. When his wife passed away recently, his loneliness intensified; sometimes he would go a full week without speaking to someone.

Frank signed up for our Check in and Chat service last year, and he now receives a weekly phone call from a volunteer who works in rail.

“The phone calls have been a lifeline for me. I have a regular conversation with someone who speaks my language; I share stories from my career to a person who understands, which makes me feel connected once again to the industry that I love.”

Support the Retired Rail Community

By purchasing a Telephone Call Voucher, you can help to fund our Check in and Chat service. This voucher will cover the cost of recruiting and training a befriending volunteer, and a one-hour phone call to a retired rail employee.

Please note this is a virtual product.